Sheetrit: Stop e. J'lem bulldozer drivers working in city's west

The day after the second bulldozer terror attack in Jerusalem, Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit on Wednesday said that bulldozer drivers from east Jerusalem should be prevented from working on heavy duty vehicles in the city's west. Speaking to Israel Radio, Sheetrit also suggested revoking Israeli ID cards from Arab east Jerusalemites, saying that it was a fundamental issue that the government must discuss, irrespective of Tuesday's or any other terror attack. Regarding the demolition or sealing of terrorists' homes, he said that "fundamental principals" must be set according to the correct considerations and the verification of judicial aspects so that Israel won't be "embarrassed" in the international arena. Sheetrit emphasized that in 20 percent of terror attacks, Arabs who entered Israel for family unification were involved. Therefore, he said, entry into Israel should be made more difficult.