Sodmi brothers charged with murder

Twins indicted for indecent acts, choking 7-year-old boy with bare hands.

Leon Kalnatarov 311 (photo credit: Channel 10)
Leon Kalnatarov 311
(photo credit: Channel 10)
Twin brothers Naor and Adir Sodmi, 24, were indicted on Thursday morning for the murder of seven-year-old Leon Kalnatarov.
The prosecution asked the Petah Tikva District Court to extend the suspects' remand until the end of the legal proceedings against them.
Kalnatarov was murdered in Bnei Aish, near Gedera, in early January. The Sodmi brothers denied the allegations against them at first, saying "We did not do anything."
On Tuesday, a media gag order over the details of the policeinvestigation was lifted, and it was revealed that the brothers hadreenacted the crime and that semen was found on the boy's body.
According to the indictment, the brothers seduced Kalnatarov to come to their home, claiming that they wanted to play with him.
"At one point Kalnatarov was naked, without pants and underwear, andthey committed indecent acts against him. They then choked him to deathby blocking his mouth and nostrils with their bare hands," theindictment alleges.
When the boy was dead, the brothers allegedly covered the body withbags and pillow cases and put the corpse in their bed linen box.
In addition to the murder, the Sodmi brothers are charged with committing sexualand violent assaults against seven children over the past years.