Soldier lightly wounded in Gaza clash

IAF bombs at least 40 targets during overnight sorties; Palestinians: Air strikes killed four.

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An IDF soldier was lightly wounded during clashes with Hamas gunmen in the northern Gaza Strip overnight Tuesday, the army said on Wednesday. In addition to the Operation Cast Lead ground offensive, the IAF continued to bomb multiple targets during nocturnal raids, striking at least 40 sites, including 10 smuggling tunnels, rocket launchers and bunkers. One morning air strike killed four people, Gaza officials said. Hamas claimed that its gunmen had ambushed an IDF tank and set it ablaze, but the military said it had no information on any such incident. The overnight sorties and clashes followed one of the bloodiest days of the operation. A total of 58 Palestinians were reportedly killed on Tuesday, including 30 who were said to have died in an IDF mortar attack on a UN-run school in Jabalya from which the IDF said Hamas was launching mortar shells into its positions. The army said that several Hamas gunmen were among those killed at the school. At least 10 Hamas and Islamic Jihad gunmen were killed in other Gaza battles early Tuesday, the IDF said, putting the total figure of gunmen killed since the ground operation was launched on Saturday at close to 150 Hamas men.