Soldier suspected of stealing IDF arms

Suspect admits to Kirya thefts, selling weapons to Arab arms dealer; allegedly stole officer's credit card.

kirya 224.88 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
kirya 224.88
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
A necklace with English initials was the clue that led Military Police investigators to the soldier whose remand was extended last week for stealing three IDF weapons, selling them to Arab criminals as well as the credit card number of a senior IDF general. According to details of the investigation revealed over the weekend, the soldier - who worked as a security guard in the Kirya military headquarters - succeeded in gaining access to one of the most secured offices in the IDF compound and stealing the top officer's credit card number as well as a gun that was on display and that the general had received as a gift. The soldier was behind two other thefts of M16 rifles from the base. One was stolen from an office in April and the other from a soldier who was attacked while on guard duty in mid-July. Military Police launched an investigation following the April theft and the soldier's name was raised as a possible suspect. In wasn't until the July theft, when the suspect dropped his necklace at the scene of the attack, that the police confirmed his identity. The soldier attacked the guard together with his brother, who is a minor. Both were arrested and confessed to stealing the weapons and selling them to Israeli-Arab criminals from the North. During the investigation, the MP also discovered a photograph of the top officer's credit card on the suspect's cellular phone. During questioning, the suspect confessed to photographing the credit card and passing it on to the Israeli Arab criminals, who he was in debt to. The criminals are not suspected of knowing that the credit card belonged to the top IDF general since the suspect said he told them that it was his father's and that they should use it for the amount that he owed them. In total, some NIS 2,000 was charged to the card. Military Police are continuing to investigate the nature of the relationship between the soldier, who apparently had a criminal record, and the Israeli-Arab criminals to whom he sold the weapons. In addition, the IDF's General Staff security unit has also launched an internal investigation to determine how the soldier gained access into the top general's highly-secured office and managed to steal a gun as well as the credit card number.