'SSTO is delaying agreement to allow for mass rally to take place'

The Secondary School Teachers' Organization (SSTO) is refraining from reaching an agreement with the government in order to allow for a mass demonstration to take place at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv on Saturday, Finance Ministry Director-General Yarom Ariav hinted on Army Radio Wednesday. "To stand in that square and look out upon the masses is a wonderful feeling, and an intoxicating thing, but it is no reason to delay students from returning to school," Ariav said. "The strike must not become an ends instead of a means. The purpose is to improve the quality of education in Israel," he said. SSTO Chairman Ran Erez said in response that Ariav's insinuations were nonsense, adding that he was surprised that a man of his position should err in such speculation. Erez stated that if an agreement was reached by Saturday, the rally at Rabin Square would be held in the Finance Ministry's honor.