Tartman unable to work full-time

As a result of a car accident, new tourism minister can put in only four hours a day.

mk tartman 298.88 AJ (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
mk tartman 298.88 AJ
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
Newly appointed Tourism Minister Estherina Tartman (Israel Beitenu) has medical documents stating that she is unable to work more than four hours a day, and that the limitation is permanent, Channel 2 revealed on Sunday. Tartman was seriously injured in a car accident, and her ability to listen, remember, and concentrate was affected. As a result, the Haifa District Court ruled that in fact, the MK had permanently lost 40% of her earning potential, and by the time she retired will have lost some NIS million. Tartman appealed to the Supreme Court to increase her disability compensation, mainly on the basis of loss of future earning potential. Approximately 14 months ago, the court ruled in her favor, and Tartman now receives 52% disability. After the accident, Tartman resigned from work, claiming she was unable to fulfill her duties. However, her insurance company said that Tartman had resigned in order to enter the political arena. After becoming a candidate for the Knesset, Tartman allegedly said, "The Knesset is an easy job, not a steady [stream] of work, and mainly talk." She described her physical condition by saying she "pretended that everything was all right, but when [no one] sees, I collapse." Tartman responded to the report by saying, "Unfortunately, ten years ago I was in a car accident that has caused me pain ever since. I hope to be an example to many people that despite a body in pain, the spirit can remain strong and stable." Tartman added that she took pride in not allowing her handicap to limit her functioning.