Three Ramle brothers indicted on suspicion of 'honor killing'

Three brothers from Ramle were indicted Friday at the Petah Tikva District Court on suspicion of committing an "honor killing." According to the charges, members of the Abu Amar family, Abdullah, 19, Wadiya, 22 and Naif, 30, kidnapped their sister with the help of their uncle, Omar Rami, 35, on November 3, 2007. The body of the girl, 21-year-old Nadia Abu Amar, has not been found, but according to the prosecution, Wadiya admitted to police that he had "slaughtered" his sister and that she "deserved to die." In 2004, Nadia got engaged to a man named Hossam but at the beginning of 2005, she told her father that she was refusing to marry her fiancée since she had met someone else. Nadia's family allegedly then threatened to kill her, about which she subsequently complained to police.