'Tibi must decide whether to join the new Hitlers'

GIL Pensioners Party Chairman Rafi Eitan said Tuesday that UAL MK Ahmed Tibi had to decide whether to join with the "new Hitlers." Eitan slammed Tibi for Monday's outburst by Arab MKs at a heated Knesset session during which they heckled Defense Minister Amir Pertz's speech, calling him, among other things, a "murderer" and "war minister." "Ahmad Tibi needs to decide which side he is on. If he is on the side of the Hitlers, I anticipate that, sooner or later, his and their end will come," Eitan told Israel Radio. Tibi deflected the criticism, reiterating his opposition to the IDF offensive in Lebanon. "It is correct that I oppose the war and very correct that I feel enraged at the IAF's attack on Kana that caused mass murder," he said.