UNESCO to review TA conservation Francesco Bandarin, the director of UNESCO's World Heritage Center, arrived in Israel Thursday for a two-day visit.During his visit in Tel Aviv, Bandarin has been scheduled to meet with Mayor Ron Huldai. One of the world's prominent experts on heritage preservation in the context of urban development, Bandarin will review the Tel Aviv municipality's conservation efforts as well as the municipality's controversial plans for the renovation of the city's Mann auditorium. Prior to his arrival, Bandarin also visited the Palestinian Authority. • Talya Halkin Torah ark completed at settlement The residents of Pnei Hever, a settlement near Hebron that has been mentioned as slated for evacuation, Wednesday celebrated the completion of their Torah ark. The ark was dedicated in the memory of Yehuda Ben-Yosef and Yoav Doron, who were mistakenly killed exactly three years earlier by an IDF helicopter. Speaking at the memorial service, Hebron rabbi Dov Lior said that it is every Jew's obligation to continue to settle every hilltop in Judea and Samaria. • Matthew Wagner Iran seizes 3 tons of illegal drugs The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) of Iran reported this week that anti-drug police squads had seized over three tons of illegal drugs across Iran. The haul last week included 2,857 kilograms of opium, 318 kg. of hashish, 35 kg. of heroin and 5 kg. of morphine. The official government news Web site of Iran acknowledged a pervasive drug problem in its country. • Orly Halpern