Tour guide goes missing

Nir Gur had previously disappeared eight months ago.

A nature tour guide who went missing eight months ago before being found with a serious gunshot wound mysteriously vanished again this week.
Eight months ago, Nir Gur, 61, an expert on nature hikes and a renowned tour guide, was found shot in the head in the Golan Heights. A father of seven, Gur recovered from that incident and told police he had no recollection of what happened.
On Tuesday morning, Gur left his Kiryat Haim home en route to Tel Aviv for a series of meetings, but never showed up.
His cell phone has been switched off and Gur’s family are consumed by the fear that harm has come to him again.
“We are in the dark, and we fear that the same person who tried to harm him last time is trying to do it again,” Gur’s son, Alon, told the Walla news Web site.

Police on Thursday launched a nationwide search for Gur, as officers fanned out across the Kiryat Haim region north of Haifa. Members of the public have reported seeing the missing man, but none of the reports have so far led to Gur, police said.
During his disappearance in 2009, Gur was last seen at Masada, near the Dead Sea, before vanishing. His vehicle was later recovered by police in the Karmiel area.
Search teams made up of rescue officials and volunteers scoured the Judean Desert and the North before Gur was found by tourists in the Golan