Troops urged to stop strikes on Gaza

In large newspaper ad, "Courage to Refuse" calls on soldiers to refuse orders.

idf soldier gun298 88idf (photo credit: IDF)
idf soldier gun298 88idf
(photo credit: IDF)
Following the extensive IDF operations in the Gaza Strip the movement "Courage to Refuse" urged on Friday soldiers, reservists, pilots, sailors and members of artillery units to refuse to fire on the Gaza Strip. Four years since its establishment, and following a recent lull in troops refusing to follow orders, the movement renewed its activities in a large notice in Ha'aretz newspaper. "IDF strikes on Gaza have killed dozens of innocent civilians, children among them, and have not managed to prevent neither the Kassam rocket fire on Sderot nor the hatred towards Israel," the movement announced. Chairman of the organization, David Zonshein said that it was the first time the movement had called on soldiers performing their compulsory service to refuse orders, since the Gaza operations included very few reservists. "'Courage to Refuse' calls on all IDF troops to stop firing on Gaza and to avoid carrying out illegal operations", said Zonshein, adding that the movement, which consists of some 20 reserve soldiers currently under military incarceration, is aware that on this occasion since attacks on the Gaza Strip did not include ground operations, it would be relatively easy to convince troops to "join our struggle." Nevertheless, Zonshein said, that it was his duty to provide a forum in which troops, worried about the morality of their activities, could voice their concerns.