Two held in violent Nesher death

20-year-old Shahar Amar dies following street fight with two brothers, also of Nesher, near Haifa.

Police find body 248 88 (photo credit: Police [file])
Police find body 248 88
(photo credit: Police [file])
Police arrested two brothers in connection with the death of a 20-year-old man from Nesher, near Haifa, on Saturday, following a street fight. At approximately 3 a.m., Magen David Adom paramedics were called out to a street in Nesher and found the lifeless body of Shahar Amar laid out on the sidewalk. Attempts to resuscitate him were halted after around 40 minutes, and he was declared dead. According to eyewitness reports, Amar had been involved in a fight with two men before collapsing in the street. He was found to be suffering from a head injury, but paramedics said the wound was not life-threatening. The victim's heart had stopped, the paramedics said, adding that it was unclear what led to the heart failure. Police have not received a final autopsy report, but say they believe that Amar's death was directly linked to the fight. Two suspects, a 25-year-old man, and his 20-year-old younger brother, of Nesher, were arrested following the attack. The 20-year-old turned himself in after his older brother was apprehended by police. Yuval Zemer, a lawyer for the older suspect, said the fight began when a friend of Amar's assaulted a young woman. A friend of the two suspects in police custody came to the woman's aid, Zemer said, prompting a confrontation between the two groups. Zemer said Amar made threats while holding two large rocks and approaching his client's younger brother. The brother responded by picking up a rock and throwing it at Amar, the attorney added.