Tzohar rabbis petition court on judges

Take issue with appointment of haredi lawmakers who never served in army.

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haredi 88
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The Tzohar organization of Orthodox Zionist rabbis petitioned the High Court of Justice on Tuesday to nullify the appointment of the 15 new rabbinical court judges who were nominated earlier this month. The decision to submit the petition was made last week, after the presence of 12 haredi rabbis among the new judges caused an uproar in the National-Religious and women's rights camps. According to the Tzohar group, the fact that most of the new judges are haredi and never served in the army will significantly impact both the functioning of the court and the public's trust in it. In a statement last week, the organization called the appointment of the haredi judges "a lethal blow to Zionism, the status of women, and the secular public." One of the primary concerns among women's groups is the traditional haredi approach to the issue of agunot. "Daniel Friedmann betrayed the non-haredi public by allowing the haredim to rule the rabbinical courts and as such to rule over every couple that wants to divorce in Israel," said the Dead End organization, which is active on behalf of agunot, in a statement last week. Etgar Lefkovits contributed to this report.