UK arrests Jordanian for questioning in bomb plot

British authorities have informed Jordan that a Jordanian doctor was arrested for questioning in connection with three failed car bomb attacks at a Scotland airport and in London over the weekend, a top Jordanian official said Monday. The official said the man was identified as Mohammed Jamil Asha, 26, a native Palestinian who carries a Jordanian passport. Asha has not been charged with any crime, the official said. British police on Monday also said a man by the name of Mohammed Jamil Abdelqader Asha was arrested late Saturday on a highway in central England. According to the British General Medical Council's register, Asha was trained in Jordan, gaining a medical degree in 2004. The Jordanian official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said the Jordanian Embassy in London was contacted by British authorities who said Asha was a possible suspect.