Video: Young Olmert says 'Talansky is a friend'

In old birthday greeting to businessman, PM says: "In times of trouble, I'd rather have you next to me."

As Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's attorneys do their best to undermine the testimony of Morris Talansky and to call his credibility into question, it is hard to imagine that the two were once close associates. But a new video has now surfaced that illustrates the relationship the two men had in the past. In a birthday greeting sent by Olmert to Talansky several years ago, the premier calls the New York businessman "one of the most formidable characters I ever met in my life." "Morris Talansky first and foremost is a friend...Of all the people that I've met in the last decade this guy has left a greater imprint on my life and on my day-to-day activities then most people I met," Olmert says. "I could speak about Moish for hours." "I feel that in times of trouble, in times of difficulties, in times of need, I'd rather have you next to me than most of the people that I know," he tells the camera. With Talansky, Olmert says, "I always get more than I give." "Moish I love you," he states. "It's wonderful to be your friend." Click below to view video (substandard quality)