Volunteers sought to save animals on Lag Ba’omer

As Lag Ba’omer approaches, many people prepare for the traditional bonfires, but one animal welfare group warned on Thursday that the holiday is a time of danger for stray cats.
The Ahava animal rescue organization said it urgently required volunteers to combat the “horrific phenomenon of animals being thrown into Lag Ba’omer fires.
“For years, we have kept this a secret out of a fear that we would give animal abusers new ideas. But 10 years ago, we began to understand that nine and 10-year-olds have thought of doing this all by themselves,” the organization said in a statement.
According to Ahava, those who plan to harm the cats set out on adeliberate search for stray kittens or dogs, “even imprisoning thembefore Lag Ba’omer.
“A child or teenager who is capable of throwing an animal into a fire is a danger to those around them,” the organization said.
This year, Ahava is looking for volunteers to search for wounded animals and bring them to veterinarians for treatment.
Lag Ba’omer begins on Saturday evening.
To contact Ahava, call (03) 644-6777.