Walla! website calls for tax evasion

Website: Tax scandal shows State is breaking contract with its citizens.

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walla 298.88
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Israel's number one Web site, Walla!, on Thursday called on citizens to refuse to pay taxes. "For too many years we have been deceived by the illusion that income tax was for our benefit," Udi Hirsch wrote in an editorial. "Now is the time to destroy that faulty perception. Now is the time for a real tax rebellion."
  • Two suspects in tax scandal released The editorial came a day after the number of suspects arrested in the Income Tax Authority scandal jumped from 22 to 30. The scandal, which police said could become the largest government corruption ring ever uncovered, involves the swapping of Income Tax Authority appointments for preferential treatment with tax assessments. According to Hirsch, the scandal was yet another example of the government's disregard for its citizens. Calling it a "breach of contract," he said it demanded a "harsh response." "There is no escape from the tax revolt," Hirsch wrote. "The state is consistently breaking its unwritten contract with its citizens: Pay taxes, due your duty, and we will, for our part, do all that we can to take care of your present and your future in an unselfish way." "There is no reason for this contract to be honored just by one side," he continued. "A chaotic situation demands a chaotic reaction. This affair destroys the ground on which all the ideological reasons for paying taxes are built. The right move would be tax evasion, because what we are talking about here goes against everything that we believe in, because the lust for money does not stand at the top of our value system."