wimps from the land of wimps

The Knesset assembled Wednesday afternoon for a special discussion requested by 40 MKs, with eight bills being presented to the plenum. In light of the Kadima-Labor deal, Likud chairman Gideon Sa'ar spoke strongly against the government, calling Labor MKs "wimps from the land of wimps." A confrontation erupted between him and Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik at this comment, at the end of which he descended the podium. Addressing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Sa'ar continued with his attack on the government: "We have heard, sir prime minister, what you think of your partners and what they think of you, what you think of each other in regards to the making of decisions on the most important national matters," he raged. "[Kadima and Labor] don't have a shred of confidence in each other. But that doesn't bother [them] making dubious deals in the dead of night," he went on.