'Winograd elects not to slam PM after serious dispute on the matter'

The Winograd committee has elected not to take an overly harsh tone with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in its final report after going through a serious dispute on the matter, Channel 2 reported Thursday. According to the news report, committee member Prof. Yehezkel Dror demanded a harsh stance, which would "place a loaded gun on Olmert's table" and force him to resign. The other four members agreed that a harsh report was required, but argued that most of the responsibility for Israel's performance lay with the army, not the prime minister. Dror then insisted that his opinion be noted in the final report as a "minority position," but this was also rejected by the others. Channel 2 reported that the dispute escalated to the point where some of the members threatened to disband the committee. However, Dror eventually accepted the majority's ruling, the report stated.