Wounded teen wakes after 9-day coma

Daniel Wultz, a US tourist, was wounded in last week's suicide bombing.

daniel wultz 88.298 (photo credit: AP)
daniel wultz 88.298
(photo credit: AP)
A 16-year-old American tourist, critically wounded in last week's suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, woke up on Tuesday for the first time since the explosion. Daniel Wultz, a high school student from Weston, Florida, was in Israel with his parents to visit relatives during Passover. He and his Israeli-born father, Tuly, were lunching near Tel Aviv's central bus station on April 17, when a Palestinian suicide bomber ignited 4.5 kilograms (10 pounds) of explosives at the entrance of the restaurant. The bomb killed nine people and wounded dozens. On Tuesday, Daniel regained consciousness, said Yael Tsubary, spokeswoman for Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital, where the youth is being treated. He is not yet able to speak, she said, but he can communicate with his eyes. Although the teenager's condition is still listed as critical, Tsubary said he is likely to recover. Tuly Wultz sustained moderate injuries and was pronounced "out of danger" by hospital officials on Monday. Daniel's parents, who declined to speak to reporters, asked his school and the family's congregation in Florida to pray for him. This request was also posted on the internet, where it reached Naomi Ragen, a US-born Israeli novelist. She shared it with her 10,000 person e-mail list, leading people worldwide to pray for the teenager.