Asian, Italian and vegan delivered to your door

Because of the Passover holiday, this fourth installment highlighting restaurants continuing to feed us during the national quasi-lockdown is running concurrently with the third installment.

Okinawa (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Asian, Italian and vegan cuisines continue to feature in these uncertain times.
Because of the Passover holiday, this fourth installment highlighting restaurants continuing to feed us during the national quasi-lockdown is running concurrently with the third installment – restaurants and pizzerias.
The lengthy introduction that prefaced the previous trio of restaurants is still applicable here – especially the misconception about the “elimination” of the takeaway option. No restaurant would risk the authorities’ wrath by seeming to skirt the regulations; on the contrary, all the restaurants reviewed here scrupulously obeyed the government’s regulations and refused to allow picking up orders inside the premises. By the same token, all were happy to “deliver” orders well clear of the property, whether in the parking lot or on the street.
As usual, the restaurants are listed in alphabetical order.
Kofinas, which has been reviewed here previously, is an Italian restaurant with roots in the Eastern Mediterranean, which comes to the fore in some of the specialty dishes. In addition, it is the sister restaurant to Taya, whose delivery menu is also being featured on these pages.
Kofinas has an online English menu, which differs slightly from the Hebrew delivery menu, but can still serve as a good guideline. The latter menu comprises six sections: Starters (NIS 38 to 59), Pasta (NIS 59 to 87), Salad (NIS 52 to 56), Pizza (NIS 53 to 71), Main Courses (NIS 68 to 111) and Desserts (NIS 32-46).
There is a separate section for vegan pastas, but there are vegan and vegetarian dishes throughout the menu. Somewhat disappointingly, the main courses reflect more standard Israeli fare – like pullet and schnitzel – than traditional Italian.
Recommended dishes from the various sections include: the leek fritters with tzaziki; the rigatoni beef filet (in a peppery cream sauce); the goat cheese ravioli; and the white pizza with mushrooms, truffles, mascarpone cheese and chestnuts.
Finally, a popular dessert is the Nutella-mascarpone calzone, for two. And while the cheesecake is not exactly Italian-style, it is quite good nevertheless.
Kofinas. Not kosher. 3 Hashibolim Street, Moshav Tzur Moshe, Tel. (09) 772-2672 English menu:; Delivery menu:
The slogan of this Tel Aviv restaurant with two branches may be “sushi and sake,” but the full menu is not only quite extensive, it also encompassses a wide range of pan-Asian dishes. And although this menu has yet to be reviewed here, its brunch menu was.
There is an online English menu that is worth studying before ordering. While there are slight differences between it and the delivery menu – especially when it comes to the dessert section – you cannot access the latter until you fill in all your delivery details (address, etc.); nor can you interrupt your order once starting it, or you have to start from scratch all over again (it will also time out if you leave the page for too long).
Strangely, it is not even possible to access the restaurant’s telephone number without filling everything in. But you can order by phone and pick up your order: the Levontin branch has an address separate from the restaurant (around the corner), specifically for that purpose.
The menu has a lot of sushi and raw fish categories, including large trays; the other sections are: Starters (NIS 14-64), Salads (NIS 54-46), Soups (NIS 18-48), Yakitori skewers (NIS 18-22), Tempura (NIS 34-62), Buns (NIS 46-48), Noodle dishes (NIS 48-59), Main courses with rice (NIS 44-89), Sides (NIS 15-28), Vegan (NIS 14-48) and Desserts (mostly chocolate) (NIS 29-42). There are symbols indicating vegan, gluten-free and spicy dishes.
There is also an interesting alcohol section on the delivery menu, featuring cocktails in individual bottles (NIS 25), a pair of bottles of Singha beer (NIS 20), and bottles of sake and wine (NIS 49-65).
Recommended dishes from sample sections include: judiciously salted edamame; noodle and baby spinach salad – cellophane noodles, shiitake mushrooms, tofu cubes and spinach, dressed with a sweet chili vinaigrette and sprinkled with chopped peanuts;
sinta yakitori – grilled morsels of sirloin glazed with Japanese Tare sauce, on a small bamboo skewer; Kiro curry (slightly spicy) – wheat noodles, choice of tofu/shrimp/chicken, green beans and coriander, in a yellow curry and coconut cream sauce with Vietnamese pesto; and fillet of salmon with bok choy, broccoli and soba noodles.
Okinawa. Not kosher. 11 Levontin Street (6 Barzilay Street), Tel Aviv. Tel. (03) 510-1099. English menu:; Delivery menu:
Otentivee – which derives its name from a Hebrew play on words meaning “authentic [plus] natural” – is not a restaurant but a self-styled “factory boutique” producing 100% vegan foodstuffs from a variety of natural ingredients.
The factory, which was founded and is operated by the Hebrew Israelite community of Dimona, turns out a line of products that are certified kosher and delivered nationwide directly to your home.
In lieu of a menu, the company’s website lists its array of products, illustrated with helpful photos. Foods fall into three broad categories: items made with seitan (NIS 28-33); burgers (NIS 28); and baked goods/desserts (NIS 28). Seitan – textured wheat protein – may be ordered as a finished (seasoned/flavored) product, or plain, to be prepared using your own (or Otentivee’s) recipes at home.
Burgers are made either with seitan, lentils or mushrooms, while the three baked goods are a sweet potato quiche, lasagna on the basis of seitan and soy cream, and macaroni with tofu. The lone dessert is a soy cheesecake.
Although the website is in Hebrew only, it is very user-friendly, with detailed descriptions alongside individual photos and a shopping cart. There is also a toll-free phone number for orders. It is important to check out the products before ordering, as some items are meant to be stored in the freezer.
The home page of the website highlights the following recommended items: macaroni with tofu, seitan schnitzel, sweet-and-sour seitan, the entire line of burgers, vegan lasagna, and the soy cheesecake.
Otentivee. Kosher. Industrial zone, Dimona. Tel. 1-800-780-781. Website:
The writer was a guest of the restaurants.