Five gadgets you better take on your next trip abroad

With airlines charging more for luggage and reducing the size and weight of checked-in and carry-on luggage, a lightweight suitcase can give you more than two extra kilograms of luggage.

 THE BOBBY Hero Bag. (photo credit: BOBBY HERO BAG)
(photo credit: BOBBY HERO BAG)

As technology develops, there are many new advancements and patents, some made to make your trip easier. Here are five gadgets worth taking on your next trip abroad.

Swissdigital I am light suitcase 

With airlines charging more for luggage and reducing the size and weight of checked-in and carry-on luggage, a lightweight suitcase can give you more than two extra kilograms of luggage compared with regular suitcases. A regular large-size suitcase weighs around 4.5 kg. The Swissdigital I am light suitcase is just under 2.4 kg. – this means 2 kg. of extra luggage! And the Swissdigital carry-on is only 1.5 kg!

The low weight doesn’t come at the expense of quality. It meets all quality standards – robust waterproof fabric, a total of eight double silicon wheels that move quietly and smoothly, and a comfortable handle. Moreover, it has all the regular compartments inside and out. The suitcases are available in four colors: black, blue, green and purple. 

Swissdigital light suitcases are available at Supertik, starting from NIS 449. 

Branches: 1 Ashkenazi St. Petah Tikva 03-501-3655; 36 Sokolow St. Herzliya 077-324-3968; 47 Herzl St. Rishon Lezion 077-534-7404.

Bobby Hero anti-theft bag

Pick-pocketing is a big problem on trips. I often see people wearing their backpack on their chest. With an anti-theft backpack that’s not necessary. The Bobby Hero anti-theft bag cannot be cut or pickpocketed and it even protects you from credit card spoofing.

The bag is a fashionable one that comes in multiple shapes, sizes and colors. I really like its clean look, which is part of the anti-theft design. The bag has no visible pockets; all of them are concealed. There is no front access to the pockets’ zippers. They are all hidden. The bag’s fabric is made of recycled materials and is cut-resistant and water-repellent. In addition, the pockets have RFID protection to prevent a credit card information leak. 

Available starting from NIS 429 at Swagg, 12 Ha’omanut, Netanya, 09-376-2020,

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro noise-canceling earphones

The way abroad goes through the airport. The longer the flight, the more annoying the cabin noise on the plane can be. With the advancement of technology, a good set of headphones can solve the problem. The key here is the Advance Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, which removes low sound frequency, which is the main problem on board. And the good news is that there is no need to carry bulky headphones – earbuds are enough. The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earphones do that beautifully. 

They come with an app that assists in adjusting them on the ears for a perfect fit when you put them on. This allows for not only good cancellation of white noise, but also for filtering the airplane’s overall noise.

Multi-Travel by PayCall’s regional eSIM with free incoming calls

One of the essential services today is a cellular package, and an eSIM is the most convenient way to get that. An eSIM is a virtual SIM that is already embedded in most of the new mobile phones. With an eSIM, there is no need to spend time buying a physical local SIM or an obscenely expensive package from your cellular carrier anymore. 

With a simple setup and activation on your smartphone you are ready to get data and calls everywhere on the globe.

Multi-Travel by Paycall is an Israeli operator offering local and regional eSIMs that also includes free incoming calls. The regional eSIM includes a number of countries, many in Europe, which comes quite in handy when traveling to multiple countries. The eSIM can combine calls and data, and the biggest advantage is that you can keep your original phone number and receive unlimited free incoming calls.

Multi-Travel is offering a 10% coupon for new customers with the code NEWSIM on

NyxCases phone case with a strap

Always looking for your phone? There’s a way to make sure it is not forgotten on the check-in desk or at the duty free. NyxCases make fashionable phone cases with a strap, which holds the phone safe and handy. It protects the phone physically like other cases, but also prevents it from being dropped, lost or stolen.

 NYX cases. (credit: NYX)
NYX cases. (credit: NYX)

Besides being practical, a NyxCase is a fashionable accessory. There are solid designs for men and fancier ones for women in colors, crochet or beads. There are longer neck straps, and wrist chains. The cases and straps are lightweight and are pleasant to the touch.

NyxCases start from NIS 25 for the universal patch and NIS 149 for cases. Straps start from NIS 67. Available on

The items reviewed were provided to the writer.