Bloomfield Science Museum director wins international award

Maya Halevy was awarded the Beacon of the Year prize by the European Science Museum Organization.

Maya Halevy (photo credit: BARUCH GIAN)
Maya Halevy
(photo credit: BARUCH GIAN)
Maya Halevy, director of Jerusalem's Bloomfield Science Museum, was awarded the Beacon of the Year prize by the European Science Museum Organization (ECSITE). 
"Perhaps most impressive about Maya winning this award was that the nomination came from peers outside her organization and was supported by a very broad range of people within the network," the organization noted during an award ceremony held last week as part of an online gathering of the Directors' Forum of science museums in Europe.
"She has tackled the complexities of working in such an area within her stride, always seeking to improve and inspire. Those who nominated Maya for the award explain that one of her most outstanding skills is "her generosity in sharing knowledge and resources, as well as her desire and ability to collaborate."
ECSITE incorporates 350 science museums and organizations from Europe, around the world and Israel. The Bloomfield museum has been a member of the organization since its founding. 
Halevy said she was "proud and excited" to accept the award. "It is a great honor for us as a museum. It delights me to see that our work is gaining this important international recognition thanks to our special approach in which every member of the museum staff is a partner." 
Halevy has been an active member of ECSITE since 1999. The Bloomfield Science Museum was founded in 1992 next to the Hebrew University Givat Ram campus.