'Haredi school discrimination continues'

Haredi school discrimin

Sephardi girls are still being discriminated against by a haredi school in Immanuel despite a three-month-old High Court decision forcing the school to stop separation based on Sephardi/Ashkenazi criteria, according to a petition brought to the High Court on Thursday. A grassroots organization called Noar Kehalacha (Youth as Halacha Dictates), represented by Dr. Aviad Hacohen, the dean of the Sha'arei Mishpat College of Law, petitioned the High Court to enforce its decision and asked that the haredi school in Immanuel be held in contempt of court. Yoav Malul, head of Noar Kehalacha, said that since the beginning of the school year over one hundred Sephardi students have left due to discrimination and only 75 have remained. Three months ago the High Court ruled that unless the Independent Educational Stream (Hinuch Atzma'i), which is directly responsible for the school, removes every "trace, whether formal or substantive, of expressions of discrimination," it would order the Education Ministry "to take every legal measure, including withdrawing the school's permit and stopping its funding, to correct the situation."