Exclusive video: US entrepreneur tackles world hunger

Mastermind behind initiative 'Challah for Hunger,' Eli Winkelman, speaks about global warming, genocide in Sudan, and campus activism.

Eli Winkelman (photo credit: Leadel.NET)
Eli Winkelman
(photo credit: Leadel.NET)
Grass roots entrepreneur Eli Winkelman is not your average redhead. Winkelman is the founder and mastermind behind the social action project and global initiative, Challah for Hunger (CfH) - A program that raises awareness of and money for humanitarian efforts, specifically hunger and disaster relief through the production and sale of challah bread.
While her glory could just as easily be linked to her golden locks, it's her initiative and willingness to make a difference which helped her become infamous and 'buddy-buddy' with Bill Clinton.
"A lot of the world's problems are huge - Global Warming, Genocide in Sudan - how can people combat that without giving up everything in their lives?" Winkelman asks. "People come to Challah for hunger and see that I can make a difference for one hour a week."
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"We have chapters based mostly on Collage campuses in the US and volunteers come together and bake challah, anywhere from 30-350 loaves on a weekly basis and sell it and donate their profits."