Iranian official speaks to synagogue congregation, compares Zionism to al-Qaida

Speaking in an Iranian synagogue the official told congregants there may be few Zionists, yet they threaten world peace.

Iranian women 390 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Iranian women 390
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Assistant Iranian President for Nationalities and Religious Minorities Yonsei Ali spoke out against Zionism at an Iranian synagogue where he compared the ideology to extremist sects in other religions, such as al-Qaida, according to a report on Sunday by al-Arabiya.
The reported quoted Ali saying, “While there may be relatively few members of al Qaeda and Salafist Islam and the Zionist Jews and pro-Christian extremists, they pose a threat to international peace, and everyone must address them.”
Ali made his speech to a congregation in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz.