Court fines suspect who fatally shot Yemeni Jew

A Yemeni court on Monday ruled that a Muslim man on trial for killing a Yemeni Jew is mentally incompetent and ordered him to pay a fine for the fatal shooting. The slaying of Jewish teacher Moshe Yaish Nahari last December in Omran, north of the capital, San'a, raised fears of anti-Semitic attacks across the country. Monday's ruling says the defendant - Abdel Aziz Yehia Hamoud al-Abdi, a retired pilot in the Yemeni air force - is "mentally unstable." It orders him pay a fine of 50.5 million riyals, or about $250,000. Lawyer Khaled al-Anisi representing the slain teacher says the court showed "prejudice" and warned the light ruling opened doors to attacks that could lead to the eviction of the Jewish community from Yemen.