Obama greets world's Jews for Hanukka

Obama greets Jews for Ha

Obama the savior 248.88 (photo credit: AP [file])
Obama the savior 248.88
(photo credit: AP [file])
"Michelle and I send our warmest wishes to all who are celebrating Hanukka around the world," US President Barack Obama said in a holiday greeting issued Friday, addressed to worldwide Jewry.
"The Hanukkah story of the Maccabees and the miracles they witnessed reminds us that faith and perseverance are powerful forces that can sustain us in difficult times and help us overcome even the greatest odds," he said, seeking to remind Jews that even thousands of years later there was strength to be drawn from their religious texts.
"Hanukkah is not only a time to celebrate the faith and customs of the Jewish people, but for people of all faiths to celebrate the common aspirations we share," he said.
"As families, friends and neighbors gather together to kindle the lights, may Hanukkah's lessons inspire us all to give thanks for the blessings we enjoy, to find light in times of darkness, and to work together for a brighter, more hopeful tomorrow," concluded the US president, just one day after receiving the Noble Prize for Peace in the Norwegian capital.
Barak and Michelle Obama will host their first White House Hanukka party later today.
Also Friday, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and local Jewish leaders joined the Chabad of Sacramento in celebrating Hanukka at the Annual Capitol Menorah Lighting Ceremony.
"As we light this menorah today, I encourage all Californians to reflect on its message of light, hope and freedom and to share that message with others," said Schwarzenegger. "Especially in these difficult times, it is important that this season be one of thankfulness for what we do have and marked by generosity for those who are less fortunate."
Following the ceremony, the guests participated in a Disney-sponsored toy drive for children in need.