Video: US Jews hold vigil for TA attack victims

Reform and orthodox rabbis, policy shapers and community activists gather in Washington DC.

Reform and Orthodox rabbis, Washington DC policy leaders and community activists came together in a vigil on Monday evening, to mourn and condemn Saturday's brutal attack at the gay community center headquarters in Tel Aviv which left two dead and at least 10 injured. Those attending the vigil held in Washington called for an end to hate-motivated violence. Click 'Play' icon to view video "We gather here tonight to mourn, to remember, and to make a promise. Here tonight, we mourn the inextricable reality of hate. We mourn the persistence of apathy in the face of intolerance. But above all, we mourn the loss of two young Israelis who, while seeking love and support, were met with terror and violence," Mark Pelavin, Associate Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism said at the event. "Here tonight, we remember the lives of Liz Trubeshi and Nir Katz… We think of their families, friends, and loved ones who are left to pick up the pieces of lives that were needlessly taken… "But here tonight, we also make a promise. A promise to preach respect. A promise to seek justice, to speak for righteousness, and to always, always demand equality. A promise to proclaim that bigotry and hatred have no place in our society and that love and tolerance are our cherished religious values."