Israel Police catch thieves with 8 goats crammed in their trunk

Police in northern Israel stopped a vehicle that was found to have eight stolen goats in the trunk.

Stolen goats found in trunk in Tamra (Credit: Israel Police)
Police caught three men with 8 goats stuffed in the trunk of their car on Tuesday, according to Israel Police.
Police in Tamra, a town in northern Israel, noticed a privately-owned Mitsubishi with a suspiciously low-riding back end.
The policemen ordered the vehicle to stop and, prior to searching the vehicle, heard whining from the trunk area. The policemen immediately opened the trunk and there they found eight goats, who appeared relaxed about their situation.
Three suspects who were in a vehicle, all in their 40s (two of them residents of the city of Tamra and one a resident of the village of Ras Ali, both located in northern Israel) were detained for questioning by the Ministry of Agriculture's Plant and Wildlife Supervision Investigative (Pitzuach) Unit for abusing goats and transporting them in a vehicle that is not intended for its purpose and without proper equipment.
At the end of the interrogation, the driver of the vehicle received a fine of 30,000 NIS and the goats were seized by the Pitzuach unit. Israel Police released a statement emphasizing their goal to fight thieves and any who harm the work and livelihood of farmers.