Have you ever made a mistake and as a result, you’re eating your heart out?

In the Admor Rebbe Yoshiyahu Pinto’s lessons, broadcast to thousands across the social networks, the Rebbe offers practical advice on life and opens a window to the study of the Jewish soul.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

We all make mistakes in life. We are all human and mistakes are natural. The problem begins when we are aware of our mistake, but instead of removing ourselves from our problematic behavior, we try to minimize damage, without admitting our error, yet hoping that the problem will disappear.

The Admor Rebbe Yoshiyahu Pinto expanded on the subject in a lesson that took place yesterday at his residence in Morocco. He explained that when we make a mistake, we need to know how to stop our misguided pattern of behavior and be accountable; otherwise we reinforce and heighten the problem, making it worse. 

“Have you made a mistake? Stop immediately. Don’t try to minimize damage. It takes courage to admit, ‘I was wrong,’ and to switch direction,” explained Rabbi Pinto. He then continued by relating an anecdote of an incident he recently experienced. 

Watch and listen to all his words.