You’d be amazed - the grass isn’t greener!

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

The Admor Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto’s book, Torat HaNefesh, is a wealth of wisdom pertinent to our lives today. We have selected some choice excerpts.

The Grass Isn’t Greener on the Other Side of the Fence

People around the world experience a great deal of sadness and sorrow in their lives, and the way people perceive the world is symptomatic of a deeper ailment.

Let us observe and think about it: When a person wakes up in the morning and looks through the window, he sees people bustling about. What does he think to himself?

“Everyone is running off to work and on the go with their important business, while I’m the only one at home doing nothing.”

Everyone seems preoccupied and content, yet if we venture out and speak to the people, one will say that he’s rushing to the hospital; another will reply that he’s on the way to his lawyer; while a third is off to pay some debts he owes. Each person has their own little world of difficulties, yet viewing it from the window of the house, it looks as though everyone is doing wonderfully.

Many of our problems stem from our imagination that becomes more and more elaborate in our minds. From there, it is easy to descend deeper and deeper into an abyss, until reaching the greatest despair. 

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel