Live Broadcast from Manhattan: Join in the Purim Festivities with The Admor Rabbi Pinto

  (photo credit:  Yossi Cohen)
(photo credit: Yossi Cohen)

Purim is here, and communities in Israel and around the world will be celebrating the Jewish victory over the wicked Haman who wanted to destroy and obliterate the Jewish people.

In the Big Apple, the Admor Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto will hold the Purim feast at the world headquarters of the Shuva Israel institutions in Manhattan. Thousands of his students will attend festivities on Tuesday afternoon, which will be accompanied by singers and musicians.

Over the past few days, Rabbi Pinto gave special emphasis to the power of the days surrounding Purim, of which it is written, Kol haposhet yad - notnim, meaning that everything a person requests and desires will be provided for him.

The following day, on Wednesday, Rabbi Pinto will hold a special class in Vienna where he is expected to open the doors of a new study center for the first time, another addition to the dozens of Shuva Israel study centers worldwide.

This evening - Monday - at the termination of the Fast of Esther, there will be a Megillah reading at Rabbi Pinto’s Beit Midrash in Manhattan, New York. All of the public is invited and welcome.

Watch the live broadcast of Rabbi Pinto’s Torah class and the Purim celebrations.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel