Purim is a Jewish holiday that marks the saving of the Jews from Haman of the Persian empire, who was planning on persecuting the Jewish people. The Book of Esther tells the Purim narrative, and is customarily read in synagogues on the day of the holiday. The holiday takes place on the 14th day of Adar. During Purim, it is customary to dress up, exchange gifts of food and drink known as "mishloach manot," donate to charity, and eat a celebratory meal known as "sudat purim."
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Shushan Purim celebrations amid ongoing coronavirus outbreak in Jerusalem, Feb. 28, 2021

Coronavirus: No bad ‘Purim effect,’ numbers continue to decline

The positive trends are not surprising in consideration of the success of the vaccination campaign in the country.

Women's empowerment: Esther, traffic and the Golden Globes - opinion

I thank God every day for having given me so many amazing female figures to idolize

Ibrahim Hamed, the driver accused of running over a man Sunday night in Mea Shearim

Arab who ran over man in Mea She'arim: I was sure they would kill me

“They wanted to kill me because I’m Arab. When I turned onto the street, they started attacking me and throwing rocks at me,” Ibrahim Hamed said.

Haredi Orthodox kids in Lakewood, NJ seen in racist Purim costumes

“Today, this is seen as offensive, and we are sensitive to the feelings of other groups. Dressing in blackface is particularly inappropriate and offensive, and should never be done.”


Shushan Purim marked by traffic jams, illegal gatherings, maskless meals

Hundreds of people have begun walking with their families to Jerusalem on foot along the edges of the highway, after being turned away at checkpoints.

THE MUNICIPALITY is keen for Jerusalemites to get out and about over the Purim weekend.

Purim: A four-point plan for embracing uncertainty - comment

Think about what we are all grappling with at the moment: the pervading sense we have is of living in a world of uncertainty.

Hundreds of Fellowship volunteers visit 1,500 lonely elderly on Purim

Hugging and kissing during Purim - comment

Our body movements, our small and big gestures to salute someone deserve close attention, and even more so during these absurd times in which we have been stuck for the last 12 months.

Tel Aviv bars

Passover reliefs could be at risk as thousands break Purim guidelines

More than 30 people die from COVID-19 over Shabbat | Just over half of Israel’s population has had at least one dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

GIRL OR penguin? in costume on an overpass on Purim in South Williamsburg, New York, 2014.

Pandemic Purim: Masks of all kinds from around the world

Here’s what the holiday looked like around the Jewish world.

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