Slovakia: Rabbi Pinto prayed at the grave of the "Hatam Sofer"

The spouse of the President of Slovakia waited near the ancient cemetery, and welcomed Rabbi Pinto. The Parliament Member Peter Ososky also arrived, to receive the Rabbi’s blessing.

  (photo credit: DAVID COHEN)
(photo credit: DAVID COHEN)

An exceptional event took place in the morning hours last Friday, in the city of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, at the gravesite memorial of Rabbi Moshe Schreiber, RIPR, named the “Chatam Sofer”. The Admor Rabbi Yoshiahu Pinto arrived together with his disciples, to extend a prayer for the well-being of Jews around the world.

Rabbi Pinto, who arrived from Vienna – where he stayed during recent days, was received with great honor by Juraj Rizman, the spouse of the President of Slovakia Zuzana Capotova, who travelled especially to the ancient Jewish cemetery to welcome Rabbi Pinto.

Rizman told the Admor on the ongoing actions taken by Slovakia to preserve the Jewish cemetery, and particularly to preserve the Memorial of the Chatam Sofer RIPR, who was one of the great Jewish leaders in Europe, and the Chief Rabbi of Bratislava between 1807-1839.

“There is a strong and solid bond between Slovaks and Jews”, said Rizeman to Rabbi Pinto, “a bond that did not start just in recent years, but one that exists for decades and centuries. We invest great efforts in abolishing antisemitism, and assist the Jews of Slovakia. We also invest extensive resources in preserving the Jewish cemeteries and the ancient Jewish synagogues”, he added.

Rabbi Pinto praised the President of Slovakia, Zuzana Capotova, Rizman’s spouse, and said that “from her first day in office, she leads a connecting and unifying agenda, helps those in need and protects the interests of minorities”. Rabbit Pinto blessed Rizman, and gave him the exclusive edition of the “Chatam Sofer” book, “may you and the President, and the entire Slovak people may be blessed with peace, security and prosperity”, said Rabbi Pinto.

  (credit:  David Cohen) (credit: David Cohen)

During the special prayer, the local Member of Parliament Peter Ososky also arrived, and asked for Rabbi Pinto’s blessing for success and good wishes. “Thanks to your kindness and caring for the weak – you’ll be endowed with light and abundance”, Rabbi Pinto blesses the Member of Parliament.

After the prayer, Rabbi Pinto arrived to the nearby synagogue, where he delivered a Torah (Jewish teachings) sermon, and shared the teachings of the Chatam Sofer RIPR.

“We have a deep connection with the teachings of the Chatam Sofer. The path of “Shuva Israel” is based on these holy teachings. My grandfather the Baba Meir RIPR, was highly respectful of the decedents of the Chatam Sofer, and had an in-depth inner connection with his teachings”, added Rabbi Pinto. 

Thereafter, Rabbi Pinto returned to Vienna, where he spent the Shabbat. On Saturday evening, Rabbi Pinto gave the main Torah lesson, attended by Rabbis, public figures and a large audience comprised of residents of the Austrian capital.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel