Special Documentation: Rabbi Pinto's Visit to the RIF Heritage Charity Compound

  (photo credit: Shay Oliel)
(photo credit: Shay Oliel)

The Rif Heritage, the umbrella organization of the Shuva Israel institutions headed by Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, distributed over 15,000 boxes full of food products to families in need, so they could celebrate Passover in comfort and happiness.

Tens of thousands more food packages were distributed to indigent families by the nearly 100 Shuva Israel branches in Morocco, Europe and the USA.

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The one who stands behind this charity powerhouse is Rabbi Pinto’s son and disciple, Rabbi Yoel Pinto. At the behest of his father, he doubled the number of people being supported this year in light of the rising cost of living and the state of poverty among Jewish communities in Israel and worldwide.

Last week, during Rabbi Pinto’s special visit to Israel, one of his main interests was the RIF Heritage - Shuva Israel’s charity enterprise in Ashdod. He inspected the thousands of boxes full of food items that were stacked in huge piles just before being delivered to the homes of needy families.

  (credit: Shay Oliel) (credit: Shay Oliel)

Rabbi Pinto emphasized that "Shuva Israel’s way is Torah and kindness. It cannot be that a Jew remains hungry on Seder night anywhere in the world. Rabbi Yoel, a very holy person, revolutionized the distribution this year so that everyone would have plenty of food for the Passover holiday." 

A few days earlier, hundreds of volunteers from all communities and social circles, joined together to parcel out the food items in the boxes, which remained in Shuva Israel’s charity compound until delivery.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel