Watch: Rabbi Pinto's talk in the home of a senior media celebrity

  (photo credit: Shuva Israel)
(photo credit: Shuva Israel)

Ofira Assayeg is one of the most popular media celebrities in Israel who hosts television and radio programs.

More than once Assayeg has revealed her special connection with Judaism to her viewers and listeners, and talked about her long-standing association with Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto.

Watch the entire talk given over at Ofira Assayeg’s house:

Last week Rabbi Pinto arrived in Israel and gave a series of Torah classes in Ashdod beginning from Lag B’Omer in memory of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, with many thousands participating.

Rabbi Pinto gave one of the classes at the home of Assayeg and her husband Gili Mankin. The two asked Rabbi Pinto to come and give an inspirational talk in memory of Assayeg's parents, who had also maintained contact with Rabbi Pinto. The class was attended by many celebrities, including: Haim Ravivo, Yossi Benayon, Shimi Attias, Leah Schnirer and others.

  (credit: Shuva Israel) (credit: Shuva Israel)

In his class, Rabbi Pinto elaborated on the need to live in peace and brotherhood. "Unity is the secret of the Jewish people’s existence," he said. He added that we find many differences of opinion and disputes in the Gemara, but after they closed their books, everyone lived together in peace and harmony.

At the end of the special class, Assayeg wrote on social media: "Wow, it was exciting. This was one of the most touching days of my life. In memory of my parents Eli and Suzy, of blessed memory. It was a great honor for me together with all my friends who came to hear Rabbi Pinto."

At the end of the week Rabbi Pinto left Israel and landed in Dubai where he is expected to meet with senior officials in the Kingdom and give a marathon of talks on topics of Torah and ethics.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel