Watch: Learn how to make quick and effective decisions

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

It’s important to know how to reach decisions in life. Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto explained that many times we are in a quandary and find it difficult to decide something. The solution is simply to decide and not to wait. Count to the number 4 and make up your mind, because if you keep waiting, it will be harder and even impossible to reach a decision.

how to make quick and effective decisions

Quoting the Metzudot David on the verse in Proverbs: "The eye’s light makes the heart rejoice; a good report fattens the bone," Rabbi Pinto says: "‘The eye’s light’ - when one sees the light in a matter he was in quandary about, that makes the ‘heart rejoice’ because there is no joy in the world like resolving doubts."

"A person who is uncertain and indecisive about a matter is in a difficult state. There is nothing more satisfying than resolving his doubt. That is why one must learn in life how to reach a decision, and remove himself from situations of uncertainty," stressed Rabbi Pinto.

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