A talk to an audience of thousands in Yeshivas: Rabbi Pinto on a inspiration campaign in Israel

  (photo credit: Shuva Israel)
(photo credit: Shuva Israel)

Rabbi Yoel Pinto, the son and successor of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, arrived in Israel in recent days to strengthen the Shuva Israel community. He is expected to visit the Shuva Israel yeshivas all over the country, receive petitioners and give inspirational talks.

Today at noon, Rabbi Yoel Pinto will be honored as a sandek at a circumcision celebration that will be held at the Lord Garden Halls in the city of Ashkelon. A live broadcast will be screened on social networks.

On Thursday, this week, the 10th of Tammuz, 6/29, Rabbi Yoel Pinto will give a talk on Torah and the Jewish worldview with thousands in attendance, at the central Shuva Israel beth midrash at 34 Shevat Binyamin Street, Ashdod. The class will start exactly at 20:00.

The women’s gallery will be open and huge screens will be placed in the Beth Midrash plaza for the benefit of the thousands who are expected to come from all over the country. After the talk he will receive petitioners for advice, guidance and blessing.

Transportation was organized to Rabbi Yoel Pinto's talk from dozens of cities free of charge. For those interested in organizing transportation, call 054-4907272 to coordinate.

Rabbi Yoel Pinto's lessons are famous in the Jewish world and they combine exceptional knowledge of all aspects of the Torah, along with depth and unique insights. They appeal to a wide variety of audiences and contain instruction how to improve one’s daily life.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel