Coffin of philanthropist Sheldon Adelson arrived in Israel

Adelson, one of the most well-known Jewish philanthropists, will be buried Friday in Jerusalem.

 (photo credit: AMI SHUMON)
(photo credit: AMI SHUMON)
Sheldon Adelson, one of the great Jewish philanthropists of recent generations, will be buried today in Jerusalem — the city that has always been at the forefront of his mind, Israel Hayom.
Adelson's coffin arrived in Israel three days after news broke of his death from a serious illness. "We came to a country that Sheldon loved so much," said his wife, Dr. Miriam Adelson. "It is unimaginable that he will not see it again in his eyes."
Adelson's contribution to a variety of projects in Israel will leave a mark for many years — from initiatives in Birthright that brought more than a million young people to visit the country, to donations to hospitals and universities where new departments have been established and countless other charity and philanthropy projects.
He will be laid to rest on Friday in Jerusalem, the city that he has tirelessly fought to fortify its status as the capital of Israel. He was also quite active in promoting the historic move of the US embassy there.
Adelson's coffin was placed in a hall at Ben Gurion Airport, wrapped in both US and Israeli flags. When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived to pass by his coffin, he praised Adelson as a figure whose influence on Israel and the Jewish people will be felt for many generations.