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Jerusalem Foundation President Shai Doron
I am a Jerusalemite

Jerusalem Foundation president Shai Doron is attempting to plan for the city’s long-term future once the crisis ends.

Coronavirus causes muted festivities over Purim

While there was still a definite Purim buzz about town in the modern city of Jerusalem on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, the celebrations were somewhat subdued.

ADRABA BOOKSTORE: High-brow, yet fun.
Jerusalem book store Adraba Books celebrates 10 years

Adraba doesn’t try to compete with the big chain retailers, but simply features a dazzling selection of books on virtually every subject, most of which can’t be found anyplace else in Israel

THE CITY comes alive, and alight.
Shaon Horef - Jerusalem's outdoor winter festival

The festival traditionally hosts shows, across a broad spectrum of artistic disciplines, with the February 10 batch located within the Koresh-Shushan-Shlomzion Hamalka quarter.

MAYOR MOSHE LION has gifted Jerusalemites of all stripes with new places to park themselves.
Grapevine: Busy mayor

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion was one one of the few Israelis attending the dinner that President Reuven Rivlin hosted for foreign dignitaries attending the conference on Holocaust and antisemitism.

Anime and manga take Jerusalem

The layout of the convention is largely the same every year. Past the desk and up the stairs is a wide range of merchandise vendors.

A musical Kabbat Shabbat ended the JeruStock event. ( From Right to Left) Yankele Shemesh, who was a
JeruStock brings family-friendly Woodstock to Jerusalem

Drug-and-alcohol-free event commemorates 50th anniversary of watershed music festival

Dana Blankstein-Cohen
Sam Spiegel Film School names new director

Director Dana Blankstein-Cohen has been unanimously appointed as the new head of Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School.

Top Jerusalem official shuts down Shabbat music concert - without consent

A source close to the orchestra said the company received a call three hours before the festival began, leaving no time to prepare or inform people of an alternative.

David Horovitz, founding editor of The Times of Israel, edited The Jerusalem Post from 2004 to 2001
Grapevine: Uncertain election

WITH AN unprecedented second Knesset election within a six-month period coming up in less than two months, it is understandable that the subject is a hot topic.

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