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The Jerusalem Post newspaper is the most widely read English news source in the Middle East today and is considered to be the most reliable and accepted news source representative of Israel to date. Its readership comprises the most influential echelon of diplomats, opinion-makers and Jewish leaders from across the globe, with over 50 percent of readers being independent businessmen or of managerial status. The socio-economic cross section of the Post's readership is above average. Readers have a strong connection to Israel, travel frequently and over 47% have a higher education degree. Advertise in the Post today and reach out to the mass of decision-makers!

The Jerusalem Post LTD has a number of leading print publications:

The Daily Edition:
Since its establishment in 1932, The Jerusalem Post has come to be regarded as one of the world’s most important newspaper titles. The Post has been reporting about Israel since before the State was founded – covering the region for 74 years through the lows and highs, the wars and peace agreements, tragedies and festivities. Read the Post every day to understand the complex events that affect life in Israel. Daily delivery to your home or office at huge savings off newsstand prices.
The International Edition:
The most trustworthy source of news about Israel - written and edited for an overseas audience. The perfect gift for family and friends abroad. Take advantage of our free introductory offer.
The Jerusalem Post- Edition Francaise:
The French Edition of The Jerusalem Post - Edition Francaise is published every Monday in a 32-page tabloid format. It is distributed in Israel and in French-speaking countries such as France, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium. The Edition Francaise features articles translated from the English-language edition of The Jerusalem Post in addition to articles specifically written for the French edition.
The Jerusalem Report:
The Jerusalem Report is an editorially independent biweekly newsmagazine that offers original journalism from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world. Founded in 1990, the Report consistently aims to bridge the gap between Israel and the Diaspora and honestly assess Israel's relations with its Arab neighbors. Every two weeks we look behind and beyond the headlines, providing award-winning reporting, analysis and commentary from correspondents on every continent to a readership in more than 70 countries.
The Christian Edition
The Jerusalem Post is a widely recognized and trusted source for news on Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world. Now, the Post is offering Israel's Christian friends a special edition published monthly dedicated to their unique interests.
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