In the sphere of Britney Spears

Spears, the mother of two, is launching her latest perfume, Cosmic Radiance.

britney spears_370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
britney spears_370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Britney Jean Spears, American recording artist and entertainer, was born in McComb, Mississippi, and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana. She began performing as a child and has been a sensation ever since. Spears, the mother of two, is launching her latest perfume, Cosmic Radiance.
Tell me about your latest fragrance and the inspiration behind it.
My new fragrance is called Cosmic Radiance. The inspiration behind it is basically the album Femme Fatale and beautiful, strong, empowered women. And that’s kind of the feeling I think it gives when you wear it.
How would you describe the fragrance itself?
Cosmic Radiance is very feminine and girly.
It’s sweet and citrusy with a hint of my favorite scent, night-blooming jasmine.
The packaging is great. How did you choose it?
The packaging has bright colors – hot pink and black and white. I think it’s very futuristic and bright and kind of where I’m at today in my life.
What do you enjoy most about creating your own fragrances? And what is your involvement in the development process?
I really love the process of getting different kinds of scents because there are so many different kinds of oils and ingredients that you can mix together that smell good. And then when you finally get to the final packaging deal of what you really really like, you feel so excited because you’re like ‘Oh this is it!’ It’s so special because you spent so much time trying to find the special one. So it’s a really fun process.
You always look great. What’s in your makeup kit?
Well, of course, I have Cosmic Radiance in my bag. It’s one of my favorite scents. It’s really refreshing, and it always makes me feel new and fresh, and it’s a really fun feeling.
How many bottles of perfume to you go through when you’re on tour?
Just one.
What scents you like to wear for different occasions?
I love Curious; it’s one of my first fragrances when I’m feeling fun and flirty or even if I want to go to the gym and just have a spritz to feel refreshed and clean. It has a really clean smell. If I go out at night, I usually wear Fantasy because it’s more of a sophisticated, alluring smell, which is really different.
If I’m celebrating something or doing something really out there crazy, I usually wear Cosmic Radiance.
What are your top beauty tips?
I’m very big on being healthy and working out three times a week and sleeping and getting your beauty rest and going to bed early and drinking lots of water and just keeping your body hydrated, basically.
Who’s your beauty icon and why?
I think Jennifer Lopez is my beauty icon. I think she’s so beautiful and she’s gotten older, but she hasn’t aged at all. She still looks more beautiful than ever now, and I really admire and respect that.
What beauty tips did your mother give you?
She’s very into her skin and making sure she uses the right cream for her skin. As we get older, it’s important to experiment with new creams, so she’s always showing me the latest creams that are coming out, which is really pretty cool. But one of her secrets is a lot of rest and a lot of water.
How long does it take you to get ready for a red carpet event?
It usually takes me about an hour and a half to get ready. I take a shower, wash my hair, blow my hair out, have a cup of coffee, have my makeup artist come in, and we decide on what look we want to do -- if we want more of a soft look or more of a sinister look or what kind of look we want. Then we look at the wardrobe and see if it makes sense. That takes about an hour to go through. And then we do the getting ready process, which is the funnest part, and putting everything together.
Your Fantasy line still sells a phenomenal number of products. What’s the secret?
It’s so funny because a lot of my friends say it’s the only thing they wear. And my Mom and all her friends wear it. And especially the lotion is amazing. It has such a refreshing candy minty smell to it, which is really cool. But I think it’s just the way it smells I guess, and the way people really enjoy it. It’s really amazing; it makes them feel good.
Do you have any favorite makeup artists?
I have my favorites that I use a lot. I know what’s good. I’ve been in the business for a while, so when you come across a really amazing makeup artist who is really creative and knows what they’re doing, it’s really fun. And it’s fun to be with someone that talented, so I have my favorites definitely.
How are you going to celebrate your birthday this year?
I will probably have a party and have a bunch of friends come over and do something really fun and kick back and relax and just do fun stuff.
What star sign are you? Do you have the typical traits of your sign?
Sagittarius. I have heard that Sagittarius women are constantly trying to fulfill their dreams; I would definitely say that relates to me. I’m always on to the next…
What do you enjoy most about creating your own fragrances? What have you learned?
Creating fragrances is another way I get to express myself. I have learned a lot about distinguishing different types of scents, mixing, matching and pairing to make something unique. It’s really fun!