Lookin' good: Go all out for Purim

From painted faces to colorful PJs, you and your kids can get all dolled up this holiday.

Purim dressing up 390 (photo credit: Doron Stein)
Purim dressing up 390
(photo credit: Doron Stein)
Pajama party
Playjama – pajamas that children can also wear as a costume for Purim – is now being offered at New Pharm for NIS 60. The pajamas are machine washable and come in many designs, such as Disney characters, Barbie and Winnie the Pooh.
Face paint
Office Depot has face paint kits that will help you express your creativity this holiday. The kit contains seven paints, all hypoallergenic, which can be removed with soap and water or wet wipes and can be mixed to create new shades. NIS 20 at all Office Depot stores.
For girls only
Little girls who wait for Purim to get a chance to practice putting on makeup will love the kit by Markwins called Peace & Love. The kit contains two small bottles of nail polish, a heartshaped lip balm palette, a heart-shaped eye shadow palette, lip gloss and other pastel colored items, all safe and approved by the FDA and the Israeli Health Ministry. NIS 50. Available at toy stores.
Tip to toe
The new nail polish trend, the “cracked” look, is very fitting for Purim.
The effect is achieved by applying two layers of polish – a white base layer and a second colored layer that cracks, giving the nail a marbled look. Use it with dramatic makeup, and you’re ready for the office Purim party.
Pupa offers a series of cracking shades, such as silver and blue; turquoise and purple. NIS 50 for a kit with two colors. Available at Super-Pharm.
Go ahead – make (up) your day
Makeup artist Yossi Bitton encourages his clients to be daring on Purim. So if you want to express your inner wild side, look for extravagant eyelashes, colorful eye liners, shimmering satiny eye shadows and crystal lip glosses. You will certainly attract a lot of attention. The B COSMIC products created by the artist are available at B COSMIC branches in Tel Aviv and Haifa. Tel: 1- 800-303-313.
Body paint
Wow Cosmetic, the chain of makeup and accessories stores has a special Purim collection that will help get you in the mood. Its body paints in all colors of the rainbow (10 actually), are high in pigment density and easy to apply with a wet paintbrush.
NIS 24.90. To find a store near you call (04) 623-0848.
Pink lashes
Not only for Purim, Pupa has launched a very colorful collection of mascaras. According to the company, this spring we will be painting our lashes emerald, purple, dark red and even green.
We say let’s start on Purim and see how we feel about it. The head makeup artist of Pupa suggests using a black mascara first and then adding the color only to the ends of the lashes. Available at Super- Pharm stores (NIS 105).