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Astrology for the week of APRIL 4, 2014

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
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TIP FOR THE WEEK: Thoughts turn to practical matters this week, and now is the perfect time to get things done.
CANCER (WATER) JUNE 22-JULY 22 You may find that you are rather disappointed in your partner and/or mate right now, as you had expected more understanding and kindness than came your way. The truth is that this person does care but simply has trouble putting feelings into words. Once you can get past the gruff demeanor, you will recognize the small but significant gestures that are his/her way of making amends.
HINT: For the past few weeks you have not felt as strong and confident as you would like, but all that changes at the beginning of this week when once again you will be your old optimistic self.
GEMINI (AIR) MAY 21-JUNE 21 Take the time to meet with people who not only boost your ego but are also powerful enough to enhance your career.
You have a great deal to offer, so do your homework, take precise notes and be prepared to answer some detailed and important questions. Once you remember that those asking the questions are sincerely on your side, you will find it easy to relax and just be yourself. Financially you are a tad stressed right now, so avoid making any major purchases for the next few weeks.
HINT: When dealing with a water sign, remember just how sensitive this person is and just how long a memory he/she has.
TAURUS (EARTH) APRIL 20-MAY 20 Time is passing quickly and due to your need for order and organization, you are on schedule and ready.
Professionally, you continue growing; and although you put in long hours and are tired at the end of the day, you are also buoyed up with the knowledge that you are learning, growing and expanding your circle of colleagues and friends.
Always sensitive to the needs of those you care about, this week you will have the opportunity to do something special for an old friend.
HINT: There are still a few details that need to be straightened out concerning a planned trip this summer, but you have enough time.
ARIES (FIRE) MARCH 21-APRIL 19 You have a great deal on your mind these days and after weeks of indecision, you are finally ready to make your move.
You know what you need, you know what is missing, and you also know how to fill in the blanks. Take care who you share your intimate thoughts with, as not everyone who smiles in your direction is truly interested in your success. When in doubt, talk to your partner and/or mate. This person has a sharp wit and a keen eye.
HINT: Time spent with a water sign is just what you need to calm down and see things from a different perspective.
SCORPIO (WATER) OCTOBER 24-NOVEMBER 21 You may have the feeling that for every two steps you take forward, you are taking one in reverse. The truth is that you are moving ahead at a much slower pace than you had anticipated, but the advance you are achieving is solid, well grounded and strong. You have the time you need, so relax and enjoy the journey. This is a perfect week for working on a project that will tax your patience, expand your creativity and bring a great sense of satisfaction once it is completed.
HINT: If you are contemplating a new diet or physical exercise regime, remember moderation is your mantra.
LIBRA (AIR) SEPTEMBER 23-OCTOBER 23 Professionally you have been scrambling to make ends meet and lately have managed to fill in many of the empty spaces that were threatening to cause financial problems in your weekly schedule. A lot of hard work, careful planning and important contacts have made a great difference, but the bottom line is how you have worked and planned to get to the position you are now in.
HINT: On a personal note, the people surrounding you continue to be a strong source of support and are very grateful to be included in your inner circle.
VIRGO (EARTH) AUGUST 23-SEPTEMBER 22 This is a perfect week for setting some time aside to be with your partner and/or mate. For the past few weeks you both have been extremely busy with projects and deadlines, and now is the time for bonding and building bridges. Financially you are always on top of the situation, but unexpected expenses have wreaked havoc with your savings, and the time has come to review your situation and make a few minor adjustments to your financial planning.
HINT: Your relationship with a water sign is much more stable these days.
LEO (FIRE) JULY 23-AUGUST 22 Money and travel are on your mind, as you feel the need to break away from your daily routine to visit people you love who live far away. The change will do you good; and in the meantime, just knowing you will soon be reunited with family and friends will do wonders for your mood. The time has come for you to put some time aside to work on a project that demands precision, creativity and a sense of humor.
HINT: When speaking with another fire sign, pay close attention and wait before replying. You will know when the time is right to continue this conversation.
In the meantime, enjoy knowing you have avoided a needless argument.
PISCES (WATER) FEBRUARY 19-MARCH 20 This week is your week to shine! People are easily attracted to you and are willing to listen carefully to what you have to say. This is the week for working on any project that demands clarity and creativity.
You continue to work overtime, but the hours you put in are not wasted. Both your colleagues and employers are aware of your contribution.
Financially you always watch your spending, but this week you will have the money you need to pamper yourself and a loved one.
HINT: Time spent with a Taurus or Libra is just what you need to regain some balance in your life.
AQUARIUS (AIR) JANUARY 20-FEBRUARY 18 The time has come for you to relax and recognize that not only is the glass half full but that you have also managed to fill it with so many important and special accomplishments.
You have not crossed off all the items on your wish list, but you are getting closer. Professionally, the people you come into contact with this week will be especially appreciative of your strong work ethic and are very grateful to have you as a member of their team.
HINT: Take some time off during the latter portion of this week to connect with a sibling you are especially close to.
CAPRICORN (EARTH) DECEMBER 22-JANUARY 19 Things are finally moving in the right direction, and now is the time for you to begin making some serious plans for the coming months. All your hard work and long hours are about to bear fruit. Not everyone who began this journey with you will be with you at the finish line, but not all friendships are supposed to last a lifetime. In the meantime, you continue to be blessed with a very strong support system and family and friends who are honestly happy for your success.
HINT: This is a perfect week for entertaining at home, especially after Tuesday.
SAGITTARIUS (FIRE) NOVEMBER 22-DECEMBER 21 Your sense of justice and fair play are well known, and that is yet one more reason why people come to you for advice and help. Although you want to be of service, sometimes all you can do is point them in the direction of the experts. This is one of those times. You will always be a friend, but the person with the diploma on the wall is the one to take care of financial or personal matters – not you.
HINT: The middle portion of this week will find you extremely busy, so plan accordingly and alert your family that you may not have as much time to spend with them as you had hoped.