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Lifestyle Editor wraps up week’s stories: Making it a healthy New Year; Road Trippin’ to Tel Aviv.

Apples 370 (photo credit: Wikicommons)
Apples 370
(photo credit: Wikicommons)
As preparations for Rosh Hashana reached their climax this week, the JPost Lifestyle section featured a host of relevant recipes as well as a number of special features dedicated to the High Holy Days.
There’s no denying it, Rosh Hashana is all about the food. With every host wanting to make a good impression, the right recipe can make all the difference. Chef Laura Frankel served up another of her modern twists on a classic dish with her recipe for Butternut Squash and Apple Ragout
Butternut Squash and Apple Ragout (Laura Frankel)
Butternut Squash and Apple Ragout (Laura Frankel)
The team at took a break from gefilte fish and honey cake with new and exciting recipes for a modern holiday dinner.
Taking it up a notch, Neria Barr gathered together some gourmet recipes by veteran chef Shalom Kadosh, Israel’s prominent culinary ambassador.
Not to be overlooked, the simple honey cake was given some well-deserved attention. Cook Gayle Squires went in search of the perfect texture, while Ben Ami Bakeries offered tips on how to top off a classic cake.
It’s easy to get carried away with the Rosh Hashana foods that add to the waistline. Kathryn Rubin, however, showed that there are some holiday favorites that actually help with the fight to stay fit.
Click for more JPost High Holy Day features
Click for more JPost High Holy Day features
As no holiday meal, healthy or unhealthy, would be complete without the right bottle, wine expert Adam Montefiore went through some of the best value Israeli wines out there that are sure to keep the wallet festively plump.
The holidays aren’t all about the food, however. This Top 5 list of the best Jerusalem clothing boutiques highlighted that looking good and buying new clothes is just as an important ritual.  
Rina Zin clothing boutique (Courtesy)
Rina Zin clothing boutique (Courtesy)
Staying on the holiday theme, JPost Social Media Manager Zohar Friedman looked at five of the best apps to use if you want to celebrate Rosh Hashana the modern way.
It would appear as though the High Holy Days were given a modern twist long before the invention of smartphones and tablets. This look back at the High Holy Days in Jewish cinema talked about how America’s first feature-length sound film told the story of a rebellious jazz singer ditching the Kol Nidrei service to sing on the streets.
It makes sense that this week would be filled with features about the High Holidays, but there was another event that happened in Israel this week with just as much, if not more significance. Eleven years after their 2001 show was cancelled, the Red Hot Chili Peppers finally performed in Tel Aviv. Knesset reporter by day and celebrity gossip expert by night, Lahav Harkov was live tweeting from the historic event.

Next week will see yet more features relating to the High Holy Days as we gear up for Yom Kippur.

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