That’s Lifestyle: I’ll be home for Rosh Hashana

Lifestyle Editor wraps up week’s stories: High Holy Day survival tips; haredi fashion in Venice; Dead Sea fun.

Rosh Hashana Food (370) (photo credit: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)
Rosh Hashana Food (370)
(photo credit: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)
Festive recipes and advice on how to cope with the holidays featured strongly in the JPost Lifestyle section this week, with the High Holy Days fast approaching.
Always keen to think outside the box, Chef Laura Frankel offered up a unique Vegetable Tian recipe  for the holiday, while the team at went down the more traditional route with some old favorites.
Beef tagine with butternut squash (Courtesy)
Taking a different approach to preparing for the High Holy Days, alternative health expert Natalie Marx discussed the nutritional benefits of fish, how to cope with the stress of entertaining and which new fruits are the healthiest to bring in the new year.
We may love our family members dearly but liking them by the end of the holiday period is a different matter. Conflict resolution expert Shimrit Nothman offered up some advice on how to survive the festive meals so the only thing being spilled is Kiddush wine and the only thing being torn is halla.
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Continuing last week’s endeavor to prolong the summer, this week saw more local travel features, including a look at Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus heritage, a journey through time to the ancient city of Caesarea and a lively insight into the depths of the Dead Sea.
There’s more to the Dead Sea than meets the eye (
After a short sabbatical, Loren Minsky returned with her weekly column Voices of Jerusalem, which delves into the lives of the characters that make the capital so unique.
Moving further afield, Tanya Powell-Jones went to Poland to uncover some of the secret treasures of the Jewish community in Warsaw.
Israeli films which make it big on the international scene always create a media buzz, but when the director is a haredi (ultra-Orthodox) woman interest goes through the roof. Rama Burshtein looked radiant when she stepped onto the Red Carpet in Venice to promote her film Fill the Void.
Director Burshtein poses on the red carpet (Tony Gentile / Reuters)
Another successful Israeli woman who is no stranger to international recognition, fashion designer Michal Negrin talked about her colorful career during an insightful interview.
Talented Israelis can be found showing off their talents all over the world. Einat Kayless Argaman sat down with industrial designer Itamar Burstein to talk about his time spent in Paris and what drives him to create his masterpieces.
With legendary US rockers The Red Hot Chili Peppers performing in Tel Aviv next week it’s bound to be an interesting week. Look out for live Tweeting and video footage from the performance.The writer is's Lifestyle editor.