Contest to plan new Eilat city hall building

The city of Eilat has announced a public competition to plan the design of a new city hall building, reports The chosen plan will earn its designer a first prize of NIS 60,000. According to the report, the city has joined forces with the Israeli Architects' Organization to find the best design for the building, which will go up on Sderot Hatmarim and will contain five to seven stories, each of which will be 1,500 to 2,000 square meters in size, for a total of 9,800 square meters of construction. Along with the building, a city square of at least 2,500 square meters is envisaged. The report said the judging panel would consist of city officials and architects, and entries should be submitted by June 30. The second-best design will receive NIS 30,000, the third-best NIS 10,000 and an encouragement award of NIS 5,000 will also be given.