Haifa police crack down on beach vehicles

Haifa area police are calling on the public to photograph vehicles that drive onto beaches in a campaign to crack down on the illegal and dangerous incursions, reports www.mynet.co.il. And police say that not only do they plan to crack down on land-based vehicles, but they also plan to tackle jet-skis that endanger swimmers. According to the report, dozens of four-wheel-drive vehicles have reportedly been invading unguarded beaches such as Hakshatot (opposite Tirat Hacarmel) and Hakisseh (near the Atlit intersection), endangering the lives of beach-goers. The report said that police still have fresh memories of the tourist who was run over on a Haifa beach by a 4 x 4 vehicle last year. The woman had been sunbathing when the vehicle ran over her, then - apparently by accident - reversed and struck her again. The report said that not only do beach-goers have to contend with vehicles on the sand, but they also have to struggle with the numerous jet-skis that race each other through the water near the shore. Police say they will be checking the licenses of jet-skis, and carried out a raid last week in which they checked 27 jet-ski licenses and five boat licenses, fining six of those checked. Police urged the public to photograph and report offenders.