Biblical seals unearthed in Jerusalem dig

A routine archeological excavation ahead of private construction in an Arab neighborhood on the outskirts of Jerusalem has uncovered a series of seal impressions from the reign of the Biblical King Hezekiah nearly 3,000 years ago, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Monday. The archeological treasure trove was discovered in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Umm Tuba, on the southeastern edge of the city, during a "salvage" excavation carried out in the area in January ahead of the planned construction at the site. A series of seal impressions that date to the reign of Hezekiah King of Judah (end of the eighth century BCE) including those of two high ranking officials named Ahimelekh ben Amadyahu and Yehokhil ben Shahar, who served in the Kingdom's government, were found at the site, which housed a large building during the First and Second Temple periods.